Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2020

Attendance Number of people in attendance: 12 Licensing Congrats to Kevin (KD9OKW), who recently achieved his General class upgrade. Discussion Topics Glenn (W9GDT) talked about presentations and programs. Brad (KC9UQR) will do the first presentation, which will be about using QSL bureaus. It’ll take place on March 10th. Glenn brought in the component tester that … Read more

Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2020

Attendance Number of people in attendance: 17 Four new people attended the meeting: Richard, unlicensed Dennis Mahony, KD9LCQ Jim Cronin, K9UGD Jake Heizman, KD9OQX Discussion Topics Brad (KC9UQR) mentioned that another SSTV coming up on January 30-31. Some discussion around how to receive SSTV. Brad brought in his Cornet EMF meter, and spent time talking … Read more

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