Club By-laws


The name of the club shall be the: Miller Valley Amateur Radio Club.


The purpose of the Club shall be to encourage the use and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.


Only Paid Up members who are licensed Amateur Radio Operators may be officers.

Term of Office

For officers shall be two years. (by-laws change as of Oct. 1992)  An officer can be re-elected to succeed him or herself.

Election of Officers

Shall be at the business meeting in September. In odd years Vice President and Secretary shall be re-elected; In even years, President and Treasurer, and thus forward. (TWO new Officers in any given year).Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy in an officer’s position by resignation or otherwise, the President shall appoint a regular member to fill the remaining term of that officer.


Membership shall be in five categories:

  1. Regular Members are adults who contribute to and receive from the club. Regular members may serve on and be chairpersons of committees.
  2. Junior Associate Members are minors participating or contributing to the club. Junior Associates may serve on committees but may not chair them. 
  3. DX Associate Members  are legally licensed Amateur Radio Operators located outside the continental United States wishing to belong to the Miller Valley Amateur Radio Club.
  4. Honorary Members  may be elected by the membership at any meeting. Honorary Members need not be HAMS and pay no dues. They will receive an ‘Honorary Membership Certificate’ suitably inscribed.
  5. Probationary Members are members who are not up to date on their membership dues. They have no legal standing within the club but may renew their membership at any time within a one year period from their last Regular Member status.

Initiation Fee

An initiation fee of $10.00 will be due when joining the club. New members will receive a membership badge. Additional badges will be at cost.  (NOTE: initiation fee includes first year’s dues).


Dues shall be $5.00 per calendar year payable in advance. Miller Employees are excused from dues.

Family Membership

Two or more members of the same family household wishing to become members of the Miller Valley Amateur Radio Club, may request membership in the club as a family unit.  Each member individually shall hold membership in their respective individual membership category. The total family membership initiation fee shall be $15.00 and will include no more than two badges. (NOTE: Family Membership initiation fee includes first year’s dues.) 

Family membership dues

Shall be $10.00 per year, covering TWO or more members of the same family household.

Duties and Obligations

Shall be similar to those of other club members in similar categories. EXAMPLE:  One under 18 will have the status of a Jr. Associate. One who is a Miller employee, even in another country, would have status as a regular member, etc.

DX Associate Membership

Shall be made in writing, either with a letter OR on the Application: membership application form, including: a picture of him or herself, and a one-time membership fee.

DX Associate Membership Fee

Shall be one unit of the currency of the country where the DX Associate is licensed (the fee can be waived if sending funds out of their country is illegal; postage stamps may be substituted).


The President shall appoint Committees.

Other Committees

Other committees may be appointed by the President as needed.


Regular meetings shall be held on tuesdays of each month from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. A meeting may have a Special Theme or Program.

Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called by the President.

Officers Meetings

Officer’s Meetings shall be called by the President. They need not be formal.

Business Meetings

Shall be called by the President as needed, generally as the first part of a regular meeting. They shall be as brief as possible, consistent with the business to be conducted.


Any expenditure greater than $50 requires a business meeting before any money is committed.  Expenditures of $50 or less can be made by a member with prior approval of any board members, but will be reviewed for reimbursement at the next membership meeting.


Conduct and language at all meetings shall be in good taste.

Radio Station

The Radio Station (W9CUS) and its equipment shall be installed, maintained, and regulated by the Radio Station Committee, subject to approval by the Station Trustee, observing and following the FCC’s regulations and good operating practice.


Club members with proper license will act as the control op for the club station.  Members will have their license their possession. The operator’s license will dictate what operating privileges govern operation unless there is a control op present with greater privileges.


The person operating the Station shall be responsible for what he or she puts on the air (per FCC Regulations).


By-Laws may be changed by presenting the change in writing at a Business Meeting, where it will be read into the minutes. If a Motion and Second to the Motion is made from the floor, the Motion shall be tabled until the following Business Meeting, where it will be read and acted on as Old Business.

00006 – Revised on November 06, 2018

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