Club Officers

President: Andre Robitaille, WI9AJR

Andre and his son, Etienne, after having passed their Extra Class exam at HRO Superfest.

Andre was voted into office for a one-year term (2020) on December 4, 2019.

He currently works in Business Systems & Services for Secureworks, part of Dell Technologies. Previously, he built and led teams of penetration testers and red teams, responsible for defeating IT security systems and teaching organization how they could improve their security.

Andre recently came to amateur radio in 2018 with his son, Etienne, when looking for a way to communicate during their trips to Road America when the cell towers become saturated. They both achieved their Extra Class license during the 2019 HRO Superfest.

Vice President: Glenn Trapp, W9GDT

Glenn Trapp at NPOA

Glenn was voted into office for a two-year term (2020-2021) on December 4, 2019.

He was first licensed 1974, soon after upgraded to General in 1975, and after retirement achieved his Extra Class license in 2015. Glenn mostly operates HF SSB, but does occasionally spend time on VHF/UHF, CW, and DMR.

Having recently completed a Drake TR-4 and a Drake Blue line, Glenn really enjoys restoring boat anchors. He also is known to spend a lot of his time experimenting with antennas, seeing what works and doesn’t work in the real world.

Glenn is always quick to Elmer a soon-to-be “Tech,” and coincidentally was a VE at Andre’s Tech and General sessions, and the first ham to offer Andre assistance in the hobby.

Besides being Vice President at Miller Valley ARC, Glenn is also a member of the Racine Megacycle ARC and Racine Kenosha ARES, a VE at MARC VEC, and Assistant Manager for Racine VEC.

Secretary: Mike Lea, W9MRL

Mike Lea

Mike was voted into office for a two-year term (2020-2021) on December 4, 2019.

Mike always wanted to be a ham since reading Popular Science magazine at eight years old, looking at articles about amateur radio and thinking how cool it would be to talk around the world. He enjoyed shortwave radio and usually had one wherever he was. But not knowing any . other hams, and allowing the CW requirement to get in his way, he was never licensed. 

In 2015, Mike’s interest in amateur radio was renewed after retiring from a long career as an HVAC service steamfitter who worked on computers and control systems for large buildings and campuses. Now that the code requirement had been dropped, he studied for and passed the Technician exam. And thanks to the many years of casual study, Mike passed the General exam as well. In 2017, he upgraded to Amateur Extra.

Mike enjoys all aspects of the hobby, primarily emergency communications, QRP (low power), and portable operation. But his love of learning gives him an interest in all the many areas that ham radio offers.

In addition to his office at Miller Valley ARC, Mike is also the Treasurer of the South Milwaukee ARC and serves on the Board of Directors for the Racine and Kenosha County ARES group. He also works part time as a night school instructor for Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 118, training the next generation of steamfitters in the dark arts of HVAC. And of course, he’s now learning morse code.

Treasurer: Rick Wyrwas, WA9JBQ

Rick Operating Satellite

Rick was voted into office for a one-year term (2020) on December 4, 2019. He was first licensed in 1962 and passed his General in 1963.

After more than a forty year lapse, Rick had his license reinstated. Today he spends the majority of his radio time between FT-8 and traveling the continent operating satellite, having achieved both WAS (Worked All States) and VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club).

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