Emergency 2-Meter Antenna Plans

Reprinted from an OZARES newsletter article (Vol. 1, No. 1).
Authored by Stan Kaplan, KB9RQR.

There has been so much demand for plans for the emergency 2-meter antenna for ham radio that appeared in Vol. 1 No. 1 of the OZARES newsletter that I have completely run out of copies, including the original. There is no question that it is a superb antenna; many have been amazed at its performance.

Miller Valley ARC member Dick Bagley, N9LZQ, is running one of these antennas mounted inside a 3/4″ PVC pipe (for weather proofing) at his cottage. Works great!

Emergency 2-meter antenna diagram
Emergency 2-Meter Antenna

Diagram Items

(A) Fishing nylon or string to hang up antenna.

(B) Cut TV twin lead and wires, but do not short the wire at this end.

(C) Standard 300-ohm twin lead (cheap TV cable). Do not use fancy shielded TV twin lead!

(D) Cut out notch at this position, including the wire, to make an open circuit.

(E) Cut out small notches to expose the embedded wire. Do not cut the wire. Solder coax to wires as shown. Be sure to solder coax center conductor to this side of antenna, not to the side with the notch. Solder coax as shown, keeping leads as short as possible (1/4″ or less).

(F) Recommended total length of coax from antenna connection to tip of antenna is at least 72″. Use 50-ohm coax, mini RG-174, or RG-58A/U. When all assembly is finished, use heat shrink tubing or tape to hold coax flat against bottom of antenna.

(G) Twist wire leads together and solder them.

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