Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2020


Number of people in attendance: 13

New Members

Two new people came to the meeting, and both joined as members.

  • Chad Lawson, KD9OEA
    • Met Dean at the ARISS meeting, who said he should stop by MVARC
  • Jim Gehrke, KD9LNA
    • Got the MVARC pamphlet when he took the test at HRO

Discussion Topics

  • Brad (KC9UQR) talked about some of his recent achievements with satellite, and his plans for starting to work on his next project, sending packets over satellite.
  • Brad spent time talking about satellite operating for the newer members that did not have experience with it
  • Brad talked about linear satellites, which can transmit more than one signal at a time
  • Dean (KC9REN) scheduled a time on the 25th for people to work on the transistor tester kit.
  • Dean talked about the newest On the Air magazine that ARRL is putting out.
  • Dean passed around the new ARRL frequency guide that has quite a few updates.
  • Al (WA9RYO) brought in his new tower power strip to show. Some brands have stackable modules.
  • Al brought in his openSPOT2. The group discussed the benefits of it, as well as some of the upcoming openSPOT3, particularly the cross-mode features.
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