Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2020


Number of people in attendance: 17

Four new people attended the meeting:

  • Richard, unlicensed
  • Dennis Mahony, KD9LCQ
  • Jim Cronin, K9UGD
  • Jake Heizman, KD9OQX

Discussion Topics

  • Brad (KC9UQR) mentioned that another SSTV coming up on January 30-31.
    • Some discussion around how to receive SSTV.
  • Brad brought in his Cornet EMF meter, and spent time talking about his reading on the topic and what he’s found so far.
  • Jim (KD9LNA) brought in the MMDVM/RPi board that he’s been working on as a digital hotspot.
  • The new people asked about which HTs are good, which of course started a lengthy discussion from the group.
  • Jake (KD9OQX) brought in his drone, and talked for awhile about different drones and how radios factor in.
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