Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2019

The election took place last night, with eleven members in attendance and eight members voting absentee. All voting members were verified against the roster as being in good standing for 2019 prior to the voting eligibility deadline of November 1st. Eleven in-person votes were cast by secret ballot. Eight absentee ballots were validated as genuine by voice or by their email address on the member roster.


  • President: one-year term (2020)
    • Andre Robitaille, WI9AJR – 63% of votes
  • Vice President: two-year term (2020-2021)
    • Glenn Trapp, W9GDT – ran unopposed
  • Secretary: two-year term (2020-2021)
    • Mike Lea, W9MRL – ran unopposed
  • Treasurer: one-year term (2020)
    • Rick Wyrwas, WA9JBQ – 63% of votes

Andre took over meeting

11 members in attendance

Bank balance 12/01/19: $5,100.75, petty cash: $39.00

Request by Andre to change the bylaws to set the number of people to make a quorum to better reflect the average meeting attendance (8 was suggested) rather than 50% of membership. He said that he would make a proposal to be presented at a future business meeting.

Discussion included keeping Brad as an assistant to Rick for the position of Treasurer. The group agreed to the idea. It was also suggested that the President also be included on the signature card for the bank records. The group agreed to that as well.

Winter field day was discussed. We are looking for a location. Also there seems to be a low interest in attending the event. The discussion then went to what to do to encourage attendance and reasons why people don’t want to go.

It was motioned that Brad become the new FCC station trustee. Motion passed by hand vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 19:51CT

Mike Lea

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3 thoughts on “Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2019”

  1. As I brought up at the last meeting, 11/26/19 I don’t like the idea of having an assistant to the Treasurer. I have no problem with Brad, in fact, I like Brad but I don’t think it is right to have him or anyone else as an assistant to the Treasurer especially due to the size of our club. I have no problem at all with having the President included on the signature card and he could fill in for the Treasurer if he/she isn’t available at the meeting.

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