Meeting Minutes – January 7, 2019


Number of people in attendance: 15

Kids’ Corner Net

After the introductions, Etienne (WI9EJR) was asked about the Kids’ Corner net that he runs on the MRC91 repeater, so he talked about it with the group and gave an update about how it’s going.

Numerous people mentioned the sign that Karen (KC9WQJ) created for the MRC91 table at the West Allis RAC swapfest on Saturday. Andre (WI9AJR) also said that he created business cards that could be handed out.

Winter Field Day

No significant update as the building landlord remains out of the country. Jeff will continue to attempt to secure the building and roof this week.

There was a general lack of interest in operating during Winter Field Day, though it was mentioned that people may stop in for a but if we do operate for the contest. Dean (KC9REN) said that it was possible we may be able to do the transistor tester kits that day in order to bring in more people.

Looking at the building (4369 S Howell Ave) it seems unlikely to setup an outdoor wire antenna of any sort, as the only trees nearby are smaller and across a parking lot, with quite a few power poles nearby. A vertical antenna on the roof looks like the only viable option or possibly on a sizable tripod mast. Something like the MFJ 1919EX could support the Comet antenna we have, but it would need to be guyed and still would fall below the roof of the building.

Andre said that we’d table it until next week and make a final decision at the Tuesday meeting on whether to operate for Winter Field Day this year.

Discussion Topics

  • Went around the room to see who went to the swap fest and what they purchased.
    • Seven members attended.
    • Andre passed around the air variable capacitor he purchased for building a 100W-capable mag loop antenna.
  • Al (WA9RYO) and Glenn (W9GDT) will work together on membership interest survey.
    • We discussed adding it to the membership form and possibly surveying non-members to get additional meeting attendance.
  • Dean talked about the ARRL Operating Manual and passed it around, and about the idea of the club purchasing one to loan to new members.
    • Andre suggested the idea of possibly having a library of books for a similar purpose.
    • No decision was made.
  • Dean talked about the transistor tester kits. He had trouble with the seller about the cases but it’s straightened out. Total for purchasing the kits was adjusted to $15 (additional $2.50).
  • Rick (WA9JBQ) had a question about his Yaesu FT-60R battery charging issues. The group couldn’t come to a consensus, but as a starting point, Len (K9LJ) and Rick were going to work to determine which parts Rick owns.
  • Glenn discussed the pre-meeting, and continued to encourage people to invite new hams or people studying for a license upgrade to attend between 5-6 pm before the normal meeting.

Club Business

  • Andre mentioned that while there had been state paperwork file previously, and possibly an Employer Identification Number (“EIN” or “FEIN”) from the IRS, the information did not seem to be current and still valid.
    • New paperwork was filed, and we are now a registered corporation with a new EIN.
  • Andre also discussed that he had located paperwork where Art seemed to have been preparing to file as a tax-exempt non-profit with the IRS, but the paperwork was not completed.
    • Benefits of being tax exempt were discussed, such as software donation from Microsoft for recording official club business, and that it’s virtually a requirement for getting free meeting space in the event we ever lose our current meeting location.
    • It was noted that the fee for filing was $275, and that if the club chose to do so, Andre could complete the paperwork without lawyer assistance and fees.
    • Andre also mentioned that the current bylaws/constitution would need significant updating, as they would not be sufficient to be awarded tax-exempt status by the IRS.
  • The group further discussed the topic.
  • Andre called a meeting to order, with Glenn as acting Secretary in Mike’s absence, to vote on filing for tax-exempt status.
    • Quorum of members was present.
    • Vote was called and it was unanimously voted in favor of filing for tax-exempt status, with 15 members in favor and 0 opposed.
  • Meeting was adjourned.
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