Meeting Recap – December 10, 2019


Number of people in attendance: 11

New Attendees

Glenn’s friend, Keven, came to the meeting, having recently passed his Tech exam.

Winter Field Day

Jeff said the driver training building has relocated near the airport on Howell. He will check to see if we can use the building and have access to the roof for an antenna.

Mike offered to bring a tripod for the vertical antenna.

Five members said they would attend.

Discussion Topics

  • What our “passion” was in ham radio
  • How good the bands were during Solar Cycle 19
  • Shortwave listening

Presentations & Demos

  • Al had a short presentation on a low-cost, $13 UHF/VHF antenna and a Chinese-made VMA for under $70

Projects & Kits

Dean displayed the parts tester kit as a potential project, with at least six people signed up to order the project.

Club Business

  • Setting up a club station
  • Setting up test equipment that members could use to demonstrate various RF properties and test their radio equipment
  • Continued discussion of needing an Assistant Treasurer
    • Matter was discussed and closed last week
  • Discussion about the need for auditing the annual reports
    • Dean volunteered to be an auditor
  • Request for President to speak with Miller about getting antenna installed on the roof
  • Glenn collected ideas from the group for presentations in the coming year
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