Meeting Recap – December 17, 2019


Number of people in attendance: 14

Winter Field Day

No update from last week, as building landlord is out of the country. Jeff will continue to attempt to secure the building and roof over the holidays.

Discussion Topics

  • Glenn is heading up FCC Exam test mentoring from 5-6 pm before the meetings, and has elicited the help of a couple other regular attendees
  • Brad delivered the QSL cards to the group, which are being kept in the front desk for now
  • Brad spoke about his testing of the low-cost 2m antenna that was discussed last week, and said its performance was respectable for satellite given it’s very small size
  • Mike talked about the what3words website and apps, and at how he was impressed. with how accurate it was to tightly-defined locations
  • Mike spoke about his experimentation with JS8 Call, which adds messaging to a protocol similar to FT8. Said he was able to reach coast-to-coast on 15W
    • Al brought up APRS Link as well, which connects APRS and Winlink
  • Dean talked about a notice he received from W5WI, who offers a paid service to renew FCC licenses, but the consensus with the group was that it was no longer necessary because the FCC website makes easy
    • Members from the group offered their help to anyone who struggles with their license renewals in the future
  • Dean discussed the MAARS Facebook page’s PDF file of local radio clubs, which was triggering antivirus software alerts
    • The issue was a link to the site, which is on some lists as a phishing site. Dean found that removing that link from the PDF file alleviated the problem
    • Andre noted that we maintain a web copy of the PDF file under Ham Radio Organizations

Club Business

  • It was noted that we need tri-fold brochures for the Swapfest brochures for the West Allis swapfest on January 4th
    • Andre said that he believes Patrick has them
  • Pancho said that he missed the one-item auction that used to take place, and volunteered to bring in items if we bring the auction back
  • Andre led a long discussion, asking people their thoughts on three questions, and wants to solicit the feedback from all members by phone or email if necessary
    • 1. Why are you part of this club? Why do you come here week after week?
    • 2. What do you want the club to be in the future?
    • 3. What do you think of Howard’s letter in QST, particularly the part about Tech licensees and that young people join causes, not organizations?
    • 10/14 members answered until we ran out of time
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