Officers Election

As the terms of the club’s four elected officials have all lapsed, and with an interest by some regular meeting attendees to re-establish some amount of order to the club, the attendees of the meeting on October 22nd decided to hold an election for officers in the coming months.

We will be accepting nominations throughout the month of November, and will hold an election during the meeting on December 3rd. Meeting and location information can be found here.

Offices that are to be filled:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Both the person nominating and the nominee must both be members of the club, and current on dues. If you wish to become a member, or are a prior member that needs to pay their annual dues, attend a Tuesday meeting and bring exact change (check the By Laws for the correct amount).

To nominate someone, please speak with that person and confirm they are interested in holding office first, then use the following form to submit your nomination. Nomination acceptance will close at midnight of December 1st, 2019.