ARRL Wisconsin Section Newsletter for August 2019

Our Future

Our Amateur Radio future depends greatly on how we approach our successors… Our youth is very under-served when it comes to our Radio Hobby/Service/Avocation. Some are drawn in as part of a Hamming Family, some are drawn in as part of a school project, or BoyScout project, or they met some one inspiring at the EAA last year… I believe that we as individuals need to make a concerted effort to seek-out youth and generate the excitement that Amateur Radio can bring to them. Below, you will find links to various Youth in Amateur Radio Resources provided by K8ZT, the Ohio Section Youth Coordinator.

The Kids Radio Zone-
Teacher Radio Zone-
Ham Radio Youth Resources Handout-
Tri-fold STEM brochure “Ham Radio- The Original Maker Movement”-
Scouting & Amateur Radio-
Ham Radio Quick Start Guide-
K8ZT Amateur Radio Resources-
K8ZT Amateur Radio Education Outreach Column Collection –

Please explore the links and figure out where you fit in helping Amateur Radio grow in a positive direction!

Ham Fests and Conventions

Remember to provide an invitation if you want ARRL representation at your function. We can’t attend every one, but at least we can let you know ahead of time.

09/07/2019 | Ozaukee Radio Club 14th Annual Regional Fall Swapfest

Location: Cedarburg, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Ozaukee Radio Club

Learn More

09/27/2019 | Central Division Convention, HRO Superfest

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Milwaukee Radio
Amateurs’ Club W9RH

10/12/2019 | 14th Annual Central Wisconsin Swapfest

Location: Colby, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Black River Amateur Radio Association

10/19/2019 | 21st Annual Wisconsin ARES & RACES Conference

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: WeComm Ltd

11/02/2019 | Milwaukee Repeater Club Hamfest

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Milwaukee Repeater Club

11/03/2019 | FCARC Swapfest

Location: Kaukauna, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

01/04/2020 | 47th Annual Midwinter Swapfest

Location: Waukesha, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: West Allis Radio Amateur Club

STM Report Wisconsin Section – July 2019

The “Passing” of Net Control

FAQ # 216

No, no, the NCS is not a silent key. Don’t stop me if you’ve heard this story. You have volunteered as a net control station and you’ve given the net preamble. You’ve taken liaison check-ins, solicited and listed traffic, and started to arrange for messages to flow. Just as you are taking regular check-ins to the net, a truck swerves on the road past your house, clips off a fire hydrant, and water starts to flood your porch, your yard (new mud bath), and then —- your power goes out. After quickly shifting to your battery back-up, you decide to pass the NCS duties and check the damage. In this or any instance, how do you sustain a net by efficiently passing the NCS job?

Like this. Ideally, you have a pre-selected back-up station. If not, you ask someone . In a perfect net, every check-in has been keeping track of the traffic, the routing, and the stations checked in. Okay, we’re not perfect, so you’ll need to transfer some essential information to the new net control. This becomes even more important on an ARES/RACES net during deployment, especially when it is over an extended period.

When the new NCS is ready, you’ll re-state the purpose of the net (so the new NCS op gets the wording for periodic announcements), pass along a list of the traffic outstanding, its precedence and routing, and who the liaison stations are. If you have time, you’ll give the new NCS a list of stations currently checked in. You’ll note the time and arrange to combine your net reports later. This can be done quickly and clearly.

Now the net can continue and you’re ready to er, bail. 73 —

Remember that accuracy is our primary goal in handling traffic. Don’t forget that a message “originated” is one sent on behalf of another party — not the operator. The receiving station calls first. Figures are voiced individually. “Voicemail” is usually one word according to the Chicago style manual.. Reports are due by the 7th, and 73 does not have an “S” since it’s already plural. Thanks.

Wisconsin Section Monthly Net Activity

July 2019
BWN 889 943 2518 31 K9LUK
BEN 324 351 660 31 NX9K
WSBN 428 173 698 31 KN9P
WSSN 200 50 399 31 KB9ROB
WIN/E 139 27 194 31 WB9ICH
WIN/L 172 57 250 31 W9RTP

WRACES HF” 58 10 28 4 WB9WKO
WRACES VHF 28 0 28 1 W9REL
DIGITAL” 216 1562 7200 5 KB9MMC
W DSTAR 114 2 201 9 AB9FT
totals 2568 3175 12176 205

July 2019
nets” “40
tfc” “30
appt” “5 /hr.
sked events” “5 /hr.
emrg events” “10ea
bbs/ web pg”
CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 T
WB9WKO 40 49 30 40 30 10 190
K9LGU 40 40 30 60 0 0 170
NX9K 40 40 20 40 0 0 140
N9VC 40 40 30 10 0 10 130
AG9G 40 40 20 25 0 0 125
KN9P 40 40 20 0 0 0 100
K9ILJ 15 7 20 0 0 20 62

July 2019
NX9K 435 120 547 3 1105 -BPL
WB9WKO 0 442 304 6 752 – BPL
N9VC 0 235 36 1 272
AG9G 0 121 75 0 196
K9LGU 0 46 64 0 110
KA9BAE 0 25 34 0 59
WD9FLJ 0 24 24 1 49
KB9ROB 0 37 8 3 48
KN9P 0 33 12 3 48
W9RTP 6 25 6 2 39
W9UW 0 13 20 0 33
K9GU 0 0 30 0 30
WB9ICH 0 20 2 0 22
K9GDF 0 13 1 0 14
KD9KHV 1 8 3 1 13
W9AUA 0 8 2 1 11
K9ILJ 0 3 3 1 7

Silent Keys

Over the last three months, we lost the following Hams.

Tom Murtaugh, W9VBQ, SK

Bill O Kane K9RFI, SK

Blaise V. Matuszak WD9CPT, SK

Tim Boppre KA9EAK, SK

Rudolph “Rudy” S. Olson Jr., W9RSO, SK

Richard (Dick) Low, K0JYB, SK


As always I appreciate the feed-back I have received and look forward to more!

Try sending me a note using the following format:

  1. Stop = list those items you’d rather I didn’t “do”
  2. Start = list those items you think I should be doing.
  3. Continue = keep up these items…

I want to emphasize that as an SM my goals are in line with the ARRL’s goals with some emphasis on my own additions:

  • Improve the recruitment of young people into Amateur Radio
  • Increase ARRL membership & financial support
  • Fully support the efforts growth and needs of the ARES/RACES organization
  • Expand PRB-1 to cover property covenants and restrictions
  • Continue supporting pro-active FCC rules enforcement
  • Develop and support continuing Amateur Radio education


Thanks you for sharing your Newsletters. There is some wonderful writing out there and great info to share!

Please send me a link to your club newsletters (along with permission to use quotes from them) so that I can include them in this Wisconsin Section Newsletter. Please send them to my address! Keep me informed and I’ll share that information with you – let me know how I can help!

Thanks to all who participate!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or issues related to Amateur Radio and the ARRL. I don’t have all the answers, but I usually know who to ask for those answers.


ARRL Wisconsin Section
Section Manager: Patrick J Moretti, KA1RB

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