ARRL Wisconsin Section Newsletter for January 2020

Happy New Year! – I’ve waited all year to say that…



I was going to write this letter earlier, but I put it off so I could search around the house for other things to procrastinate about…

Sometimes it is just out and out procrastination, sometimes it is waiting for an idea to mature. The difficult task at hand is to tell the difference between the two. I have a long list of things I “need” to
do… This includes working on my antenna system, fix another one of the several TR4C’s I have on hand, continue the online photoshop processing course I signed-up for, get-on-the-air with morse code (I think that one wins for the most delays…), get my wood workshop cleaned-up, finish-off a long list of “honey do’s”… oh and write this letter.

So… is procrastination a bad thing or is it the tool that allows you to make better choices? If you show-up unprepared because you put-off preparing – it is a bad thing. If you extend the preparation process until the ideas you need to present gel in your head or at least give you a chance to work them through so that you can communicate them better – it is a good thing. If it allows you to make better choices – it is a great thing. As I said earlier – the real trick is to tell the difference between the “lazy” procrastination and the “creative” procrastination.

So… let’s apply the concept to meeting new people at hamfests, or at club meetings, or at some other amateur radio function. Do you put-off/procrastinate stepping forward and greeting the new person? Do you let the opportunity pass and miss the chance to encourage a possible new amateur? Or – do you step forward and grab the opportunity and let your own circle of acquaintances grow? Take the chance to help some one? Or do you think of all the reasons why it might cost you time and
effort, inconvenience, extra work, commitment, more effort than is worth the while… I guess that’s the whole point of this note so far – the decision has to be worth the while.

It is your decision of course, but we as an amateur radio community need to grow and for us to grow, we need to invest the time and effort at every opportunity. The only decision you need to make is that it is worth your while or not. If you think “not” you are probably right for yourself and limited by your own decision. If you think it is worth while – then the responsibility rests on you to follow through and make those efforts to grow your circle of acquaintances, your club, your association, your league.

Don’t put off today what you might regret missing tomorrow!

STM Report Wisconsin Section – December 2019

Where’s the End-of-Year Report? Here.

FAQ #221

The statistics will show that our section is still a viable part of the NTS, with a good amount of check-ins and some creditable traffic handling. It’s almost hard to believe that we have devoted 2231.15 hours to section network operation this year, but when we realize that the time includes some special training such as SIMCOM and the SET, daily testing, participation and support of each other it makes sense.

We’re still polishing some of the fine points of message handling such as using only standard phonetics, pausing in the right places as we pace our sending, and not inserting extraneous words, but we’re making an effort to do things right.

We still communicate well with each other to improve signals and smooth net operations. We still care about listening closely and remembering call signs, names, and station capabilities. We still get recognized by the NCS before we transmit during a net. We still fight poor conditions together and, most importantly, we still show up.

We continue to enjoy the benefits of the nationwide distribution of messages from our own NX9K/N9VC and their returns. This huge contribution to our section, to our totals, and especially to the whole NTS is something to be proud of and something for which we are very grateful. Both Kris and Jim believe in modeling good message handling, in doing it right.

This past year’s numbers looked like this:

QNI (check-ins)_QTC (traffic)_QTR (time)_____SSNS
30929_________37237______133869 MIN ___2358

Here’s a chart comparing check-ins and traffic for some previous years.

NOTE * our publishing method does not allow for “charts” to go through so –

If you’d like a spreadsheet with all the nets and their stats, email

We are doing okay. Yes, totals are down a little, but there are plenty of reasons for that — conditions, less incoming NTS traffic, and more. Could we be better? Sure. But we should be proud of what we’ve done and of our efforts to improve. And so ends my twentieth year of service as STM.

Happy New Year. 73 – K9LGU


December 2019

BWN 999 1158 3420 31 K9LUK
BEN 409 338 797 31 NX9K
WSBN 466 219 678 31 KN9P
WSSN 160 68 401 31 KB9ROB
WIN/E 144 69 268 31 WB9ICH
WIN/L 165 56 276 31 W9RTP

WRACES HF” 94 15 183 5 WB9WKO
WRACES VHF 29 2 35 1 W9REL
WRACES- DIGITAL 152 835 4320 3 KB9MMC
W DSTAR No report 0 0 0 AB9FT
totals 2618 2760 10378 195


December 2019

nets” “40
tfc” “30
appt” “5 /hr.
sked events” “5 /hr.
emrg events” “10ea
bbs/ web pg”
CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 T
N9VC 40 40 30 245 0 10 365
WB9WKO 40 40 30 40 20 10 180
K9LGU 40 40 30 25 0 0 135
AG9G 40 40 20 25 0 0 125
NX9K 40 40 20 15 0 0 115
KN9P 40 40 20 0 0 0 100
KC9FXE 40 40 0 10 0 0 90


December 2019

NX9K 338 126 467 1 932 – BPL
WB9WKO 0 412 297 15 724 – BPL
N9VC 5 231 62 0 298
AG9G 0 159 92 0 251
K9LGU 0 46 76 1 150
WD9FLJ 0 47 43 8 98
KB9ROB 0 49 11 7 67
KN9P 0 37 15 10 62
KB9NUM 1 20 10 13 44
KC9FXE 0 6 32 0 38
W9UW 0 12 2 1 33
K9GU 0 0 29 0 29
KA9BAE 0 9 10 0 19
WB9ICH 0 14 3 0 17
W9AUA 0 7 1 0 8
K9GDF 0 4 1 0 5
W9RNA 0 1 0 1 2

Winter Field Day starts this Saturday!

It is a tremendous amount of fun to be operating in the ice and snow and cold and wolves howling and… and… well it is winter!

Think about the whole purpose of the exercise – all of our emergencies from now on will be scheduled in the best of weather and operating conditions. AC outlets will pop-up out of the ground ready for us to use! Antennae will miraculously happen and be ready for our radios with minimum SWR and perfect radiation patterns!

Not likely! So it is probably a good idea to practice our communications in inclement weather and under some harsher conditions every now and then. This exercise is set-up to test our mettle and have fun doing it.

I hope you plan to participate.


03/15/2020 | JEFCARES Hamfest 2020
Location: Jefferson, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Jefferson County Amateur Radio Emergency Services

04/04/2020 | MRAC/MAARS Swapfest
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Milwaukee Radio Amateurs’ Club and Milwaukee Area Amateur radio Society

04/18/2020 | Madison Hamfest
Location: Stoughton, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Madison Area Repeater Association

5/02/2020 | ARAC Hamfest
Location: Superior, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Arrowhead Radio Amateurs Club

08/29/2020 | ORC Regional Fall Swapfest
Location: Cedarburg, WI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Ozaukee Radio Club

*Note – if your Hamfest is not yet listed here you need to contact to get him to process your application

Silent Keys

The SK list last month had the names of friends that passed away over the last three months, but left off two other Amateurs who left us in that same time period:

Bill Draeb K9HJN SK

Kate Kedney KA9MWT SK

In addition, the following information was also forwarded to me more recently:

Martin “Mike” Cyrus Kelsey III, N9LAP SK

Rev. Father Michael (Richard) Vanderhoef, AB9PB SK


As always I appreciate the feed-back I have received and look forward to more!

Try sending me a note using the following format:

  1. Stop = list those items you’d rather I didn’t “do”
  2. Start = list those items you think I should be doing.
  3. Continue = keep up these items…

I want to emphasize that as an SM my goals are in line with the ARRL’s goals with some emphasis on my own additions:

  • Improve the recruitment of young people into Amateur Radio
  • Increase ARRL membership & financial support
  • Fully support the efforts growth and needs of the ARES/RACES organization
  • Expand PRB-1 to cover property covenants and restrictions
  • Continue supporting pro-active FCC rules enforcement
  • Develop and support continuing Amateur Radio education


Thanks you for sharing your Newsletters. There is some wonderful writing out there and great info to share!

Please send me a link to your club newsletters (along with permission to use quotes from them) so that I can include them in this Wisconsin Section Newsletter. Please send them to my address! Keep me informed and I’ll share that information with you – let me know how I can help!

Thanks to all who participate!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or issues related to Amateur Radio and the ARRL. I don’t have all the answers, but I usually know who to ask for those answers.


ARRL Wisconsin Section
Section Manager: Patrick J Moretti, KA1RB

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